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Some people say that enthusiasm is a choice, others say it is a state of mind, and the cynics out there would say it is naïve souls out wandering the world... so what does enthusiasm mean to you?  

For me, enthusiasm is a powerful force and optimistic attitude, it comes from the choice to trust yourself, your own resourcefulness, and perception of the world that is around you.

To be truly enthusiastic, I believe that you need to view the world and life as an adventure, that life has new potential and surprises each day.

What's a Euro Tarot Reading

Ever since I was 12, I've been using these cards to give readings, I love them, not only because they are accurate, they are also very detailed. When working with a client, I can give accurate readings using these cards. Readings are useful when you need insights into love, business, health, money matters.

Euro Tarot, is a reading using the Madame Lenormand prophecy cards. This deck was develop din 17th century France, and the French aristocracy would travel Europe to get a reading using these cards.

Springing Forward

I love this time of year, I start to get restless and I begin to want to shed the old cocoon I have from a hard snowy winter. This is the time of year I crave the new, anything new to be honest.

Do you feel the same? For me, I want to try anything that I haven't done yet, from strange foods, to new walks, hikes, travel, call up old friends, meet new people.. the list goes on and on.

It's a great time of your to start something that you have always planned on doing. Be it writing a book, starting a new exercise regime, or getting out into that garden.

Investing in Spirit

Like a bank, investing in your spirit over time adds up.

In my experience I find that I look at life with greater depth, and understanding. I am more patient, loving and friendly towards others.

When I noticed these changes I wondered how and why did I get to where I am now. For me, it is about meditating for at least 3 times a week, I look for spiritual literature, books, movies, and focus on information that brings me to a place of being inspired.

What's your investment? What have you done lately to invest in your spirituality?

The Lens of your life

Welcome to Fall!
For some Fall brings a sense of renewal a chance to cast away the old, and to give room for new growth in the spring.
Fall for me has always meant moving forward, a signal to start a fresh. perhaps it was the years of school conditioning and the start of a new school year, but with me being out of school for so many years it leaves me wondering...
Why is fall a time that I actually look forward to and make changes?
How is it that the casting of the colourful leaves, makes we want to cast off that and all that isn't beneficial to me anymore?

Are you Shining you Light?

Often in day to day living, we forget to nurture our souls, and as a result, we diminish our "shine".
As we get caught up in the day to day rigor of living, take a moment to reflect on your soul. Do you feel you are shining? Is your personal best coming through in how you speak and act? If not then it's time to reconsider and take some time for yourself.
I see our shining energy as our life force, or our soul. Content and happy people have this brightness about them that leads them to be more attractive.

Are you on your Journey?

I've had many opportunities to look at my life and to find out if I am still on my path. For a time I was off my path and as a result the universe "pushed" me back on track. I was stunned and shocked, but once I regained  my sense of self I realized that this was the best for me.
So are you on your path? Do you wake up each day and rejoice in what you will be doing that day? If not, you might not be on your path. Being on your path means that you are happy with how you are progressing and growing both in your career and spiritually.

What's a Reading like?

Vibrant Paths. Mediumship, Angel Therapy, Intuitive counseling, classes, book clubs, and travelWith me, a reading is like meeting up with an old friend. It is said that we are all connected, and I do feel the connection when I first shake your hand. I truly enjoy giving readings as each life is really fascinating to me, the life paths are so varied and individual, I could sit for hours and chat with my clients and their spirit guides, Angels and deceased loved ones.
One thing about getting a reading from a deceased loved one is that their messages are from their perspective... so as a person getting the reading you need to put your self in their shoes and look at the messages from their perspective.
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