Vibrant Paths - by Liese Martel

Creating your Vibrant Life Path
Liese believes in guiding you to insights that help you create a meaningful life. 

Liese provides a reading that uses her Intuitive gifts, Euro Tarot cards, Mediumship, connecting to the divine, your spirit guides, health insights, animal connections, Angel Therapy, and energy readings to forecast and coach you on your life's path.  

You are invited to join Liese for a for a reading or a class or visit her at one of many events (see events page for dates). She promises you a very memorable experience that will shed light on areas of love, life, work, family, and money. Change worry into new insights, strength, and a brand new perspective.

So what's on your mind? What's in your heart? What's bothering you? Missing a loved one? Looking for some answers on life and need a forecast? Liese illuminates your life objectively, leading you to your ultimate goals, of happiness, success and peace. 

Liese offers you the opportunity to enjoy all of this within one reading:

Mediumship Readings (certified by Doreen Virtue, and has studied with John Holland, Sandra Taylor, and others)  
Euro Tarot Readings (Tarot card forecast readings), 
Quantum Life Coaching (certified by Sandra Anne Taylor), 
Angel Therapy (certified by Doreen Virtue),  
Intuitive / psychic inspired readings that are tailored specifically for you, by your spirit guides, and surrounding energies to give you insights into all that is you. 

Liese also offers spirit travel to some exciting places - so check out our travel section. I believe that spiritual travel enhances your journey, and brings you to a new perspective - definitely a worthwhile experience.

Contact Liese today, to put yourself back on your life's Vibrant Path! 

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